Where it all began

Dean FM, born Dean-Fraser Milford is a Boston Massachusetts based effeminate gay rapper, entertainer and actor. At a young age, Dean found himself fascinated by powerful female actresses, sultry R&B singers, and colorful characters. Dean’s love for artistic expression introduced him to jazz, tap, and hip-hop dance. This was soon followed by Dean’s musical journey, which began with the long term study of piano and flute with samplings of banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, and saxophone, but is now firmly planted in honing his vocal talents.

Often referring to himself as a loner, FM’s analytical mind allows him to see the world from a different perspective, his content will intrigue the listener to travel through both the darkest and brightest corners of his life.

Dean FM’s performances are heavily influenced by drag culture, and exotic expression. His eclectic personality is translated by a dispersion of thoughts that tap dance on top of a wide array of electronic percussive rhythms, and sultry sounds. These sounds are accompanied by glitter powdered, powerful and socially satiric lyrics.